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Considering selling your cosmetic laser, IPL or RF device? Want to know what it's worth? Make sure that you're getting the highest possible price and that you're dealing with reputable buyers who have agreed to meet our high standards and Certified Partner 7 Point Guarantee.

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What happens after I submit this form?

The first thing we'll do is review your submission. If there's enough information to submit to potential buyers we'll send it along. (If there's not, we'll contact you.) We'll email our list of buyers with the info you submit and gather their bid estimates, then we'll send those bits and comments back to you. 

What happens if they don't stay with their bid?
What if they bait a high bid but then switch to a lower bid?

We'll followup with you to determine your satisfaction. If you're unhappy in any way we'll contact the bidder/buyer to determine what happened. If we determine that the vendor has acted dishonestly, unethically, or violated our Certified Partner Agreement we will take any number of actions up to and including publicly disclosing the issue and banning the vendor from the program and site.

Do I have to buy from one of these bidders?

No. This information is free. You can use it or ignore it as you wish.

What can I do if I feel like a Certified Partner is treating me unfairly or violating the Certified Guarantee?

First, contact the vendor about the issue. All of our Select Partners are very aware of identifying Medical Spa MD Members and will usually bend over backwards to try and remedy the situation.

If you're still not satisfied, you can contact us directly using the form at the top of this page. We will collect your information and contact the vendor directly. 

Do you guarantee that I'll be happy with the outcome?

No. You may be a jerk. However, if you're somewhat reasonable we will work hard to come to the best resolution we can for you.



Why is this program needed?

The used cosmetic laser market is not transparent. There are some used laser brokers and dealers who take advantage of physicians who don't have access to all of the information they need. In most cases this costs a physician a few thousand dollars skimmed off of a transaction, but in some cases physicians can lose tens of thousands of dollars or even the cost of an entire system.

We aim to make every transaction transparent and safe for our Members. This program gives you access to clean information and additional remedies and security when you're selling a used laser, IPL, or  RF device.

Why do laser sellers want to be a Certified Partner?

They want and need to do business with our Members. To do that they have to continue to treat our members well and make them happy. They're also concerned about the damage that unethical vendors do to their own reputations and the entire industry.

What types of businesses can be a Certified Partner?

Any business that sells cosmetic lasers, IPLs and medical devices to our target market - physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine worldwide - can apply to be come a Certified Partner if they agree to abide by our terms, our 7 point guarantee, and what special benefits they will provide to Members. Applicants are then vetted by us to determine if they should be added as a Certified Partner and can display the Medical Spa MD Certified Partner Seal.

We will only work with vendors who have both the intent and the resources to provide high quality services to our Members.

Note: Other businesses may apply to be a Select Partner but only cosmetic laser and IPL vendors may be "Certified" and list their inventory on our site or display the certified seal on their own site.



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