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Share your thoughts, opinions and clinical knowledge with hundreds of thousands of physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine around the world.

Our Contributing Authors are (primarily) physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine who want to share their thoughts, opinions, and clinical expertise while building their reach, name recognition and personal or business brand.

If you think you might like to be a contributor, we'd love to hear from you. We're actively looking for clinicians who have something to say. If you want to try it out first you can always submit a guest post and see how it goes.

You can learn more about what it means to join this select group and become an author, please read the FAQ below and then contact us via this link.


Contributing Author FAQ

We've put together a few answers below about why you might want to contribute, what we require, and how it all works. 

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Why should I be a Contributing Author? 

You'll notice that all of our authors are running their own clinics or businesses and are generally pretty damn busy... so why are they writing for Medical Spa MD? Read our author bios and meet our existing contributors. 

  • Influence: Be recognized as a thought-leader in cosmetic medicine by communicating with tens of thousands of clinicians every month. You'll have access to a microphone that allows you to punch way above your weight class.  
  • Visibility: You'll be seen. Medical Spa MD has a large, loyal following of clinicians and and more than a million and a half unique visitors every year. In addition, each post is syndicated through our entire network on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and through our RSS feed which is picked up by hundreds of other publications and sites. As an author, you have access to this huge and growing audience that's available to you 24/7/365.
  • Your Own Byline: As an author, you'll have your own byline that member can find and follow, and that we'll promote.
  • It's Simple & Easy: If you're accepted, you'll only need to write one post a month and email it to us. We'll handle all of the formatting, spellchecking and postin. Our editing team will hold your hand and give you whatever help you may need.

Who can become A Contributing Author?

You can, if you have expertise that's of interest to our audience. We write for clinicians practicing cosmetic medicine, NOT patients. You'll need to know what you are talking about and add value to that audience. If you're funny, charismatic and prolific... well, that's just frosting on the cake.

Do I have to be a physician to be an author?

No, but but most to our authors are. You do have to be experienced and have information that's relevant to physicians and clinicians in cosmetic medical settings.

Does it cost anything to be an author?

Absolutely not. 

Can I write under a pseudonym?

Yes, if you feel it's necessary. There are cases where someone may not want to be directly identified for any number of reasons. If needed, we can create a pseudonym in order to prevent an authors identity if they're in a situation where disclosing their identity could cause some sort of professional or business harm

How often am I required to post new content?

We ask that you write a post at least once a month but that's not a hard rule. You can write as often ad you'd like. You'll just write your post and email it to your assigned editor who will ensure that it's edited and posted. You won't have to handle anything technical.  

 If you can't commit to that, you can still write the occasional guest post.

What can I or should I write about?

That's pretty easy. Our audience is physicians and clinicians working in cosmetic medicine around the world. Write content that's of interest to our audience. As a new author, we'll be holding your hand every step of the way and will gladly help you with getting your feet under you.

Everyone knows something that others want or need to know. Most physicians want to start by writing broad, sweeping articles that cover a lot of ground. Those are just boring beyond belief. Everyone already knows that you need to use the internet, that patient service and referrals are key to success, and that you need to make smart decisions. Don't write something like that. It's boring and nobody cares. No one is searching for that drivel.

Instead, write something hyper-specific that is really valuable if you need that info."Improve your marketing" is useless and boring. The step-by-step detailed procedures that you've built to keep your patients ecstatic and coming back? Now that's more interesting. Write something that you know, feel, or think that almost no one else knows, or agrees with. What do you know now that you wish you knew a year ago? Write about that.

There's always interest in these topics:

  • Very, very specific topics about how you do something: prevent embezzling by your staff, clean your IPL heads, conduct interviews, perform consultations, organize your tray, market your clinic, or anything else that you do that is unique and others may learn from.
  • Clinical How To's: What gauge needle you use for a specific treatment, filler techniques around the vermilion border, skin care recommendations after IPL, sclerotherapy injection points...
  • Reviews: What is your opinion, experience, or review of  a technology, manufacturer, software, treatment, training, organization, conference, society, or company?
  • Specific marketing tactics that work, or don't work. Everyone want's more butts in seats.
  • Clinic operations that help clinics run smoother.
  • Studies you've read that are of interest. Conferences you've attended and what you thought. Conversations with your peers.
  • Stories always work: Tell stories about your experiences. 
  • Respond publicly to a question you received.
  • The legalities of cosmetic medicine, oversight, malpractice, license where you are?
  • What do you know that others don't?

Can I use this to promote myself or my business?

We're not looking for spammers or self-promoters, and our audience hate that stuff too. Self promotion is the quickest way to destroy both your personal brand, and our reputation. However, if you're adding quality content you can be sure that you will have many opportunities that come your way as your reputation among the community grows. While we ask that you don't self-promote directly, you will still have your author profile which points people directly to you.

Sounds great! How do I start?

To start, just let us know that you're interested by filling out the form on this page. We'll review it and get back to you as soon as possible. If we think you're a fit, we'll email you or set up a phone call where we can answer your questions and get started. and walk you through everything you'll need to get started.