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Dr Chasin
Medspa MD helps us to stay focused on the details that make the difference between a thriving practice and one that is languishing...
— Mitchell Chasin, M.D.
Susan J DeGuide MD
I would not buy a new piece of equipment now without first consulting Medspa MD.
— Susan J. DeGuide, M.D.

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If you're working in cosmetic medicine you already know how frustrating it is to try and get usable information. Competitors won't tell you what they're doing, sales reps all have an agenda, and conferences, societies and trade publications rely on advertising dollars. They can't tell you what technology is better or which company offers the best support... but that's no longer the case. As a Medical Spa MD Member, you'll have access to exclusive information, reports, forums, content, special offers and group buying programs that are not available anywhere else.

Where other sites are built for patients, Medical Spa MD is built specifically for clinicians. There's no doubt that it is absolutely the best library of information available for medical providers in the business of retail cosmetic medicine. We don't say that as a demonstration of ego but as a statement of fact. This site has been built over the last 10 years into a community that's almost unknown in medicine, a place where you can get real information and honest opinions without the marketing spin that comes from vendors and the advertisers that have to bow to them.

2002 founded medspa

Medical Spa MD was launched in 2002 with the intention of connecting physicians with each other and providing unfiltered opinions that they can't generally get from advertisers, vendors, or technology companies.

5000 clinicians

Over the past decade, we've grown to more than 5,000 physician members and thousands of other clinicians including PAs, NPs, RNs who are practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine.

72/6 clinics worldwide

Our Members include clinicians around the world from 72 countries and 6 continents. Our authors and contributors are from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Asia.



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When we look back on the early 21st century with regards to Cosmetic Medicine, we will think of R. Rox Anderson, The Carruthers and we will think of Medical Spa MD. Medspa MD has done more to advance cosmetic medicine than Anderson and the Carruthers combined. There has been a paradigm change in the cosmetic medical world and it can be directly attributed to Medical Spa MD!
— Jeffery E. Epstein MD, Medical Aesthetic Practice Association,  Cherry Hill Laser & Skin Care Center
To really know what’s going on in the aesthetic business you MUST join Medical Spa MD! Nowhere else can you find the information crucial to your success in this ever changing arena, from the forum discussions to real equipment reviews by aesthetic professionals. I especially value the articles on marketing and the community discussions on therapy management like melasma, fillers, laser lipolysis, and skin resurfacing. Medspa MD keeps me on my toes as a medspa and laser clinic owner, marketer, and nurse!
— Paula D. Young RN, Young Medical Spa
Medspa MD helps us to stay focused on the details that make the difference between a thriving practice and one that is languishing in this sagging economy. It’s an important resource that I recommend to anyone who wants to understand the trends and stay connected to the ever changing aesthetic community.
— Mitchell Chasin MD, Reflections Center for Skin & Body
I found Medical Spa MD several months ago and immediately added it to my “Favorites” list. I check the site several times a week to look through the new posts. I enjoy learning about new technology, expanding my knowledge of the technology I already own, and knowing that I’m giving the best available care. I would not buy a new piece of equipment now without first consulting Medspa MD.
— Susan J. DeGuide MD, Inovamed, Rockford IL
You’re no longer all on your own! There are a myriad of challenges involved with operating a successful and profitable medical spa; marketing, sales, operations and procedures, clinical, staf, regulatory and legal. Another huge issue for everyone is choosing the best equipment for the price. Medical Spa MD’s community is the only place where you can get honest opinions about all of this.
— Ronald Berglund, Sybaritic Inc.


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