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A quick-start guide to Medical Spa MD.

As a member, you're joining a community of clinicians and medical professionals practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine around the world, and you're about to enjoy a private networking environment that will give you a place to get support and answers for your own journey.

There's plenty to do, learn, and implement. This quick-start overview will give you a sense of what's here.

We're so glad you're onboard!

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To get started

  • First: become a Member. It's free, and will give you access to all of the members only content, forums, downloads, special offers, group purchasing, and info. You'll also join our mailing list so you'll receive an occasional email.
  • See what's available on the site: There are thousands of blog posts on all kinds of topics, classified as for buying and selling used cosmetic lasers and IPLs - and where you can sell your stuff, forums where you can talk to other clinicians or have a question answered, user groups for specific technologies, and a 'store' area (Products + Services) that range from free reports to clinical training.
  • About this community: This site is an active community of clinicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine around the world. While the content is in English, our members are from more than 72 countries and 6 continents. Don't expect everyone to be exactly like you, and be open to learning from others who may be operating very differently. 

What to look for in your inbox

New member? You'll get our weekly emails in your inbox. They're an important part of the community and the primary way that we deliver courses, trainings, guides, and offers. Please make sure that you're receiving your Member emails. If you don't receive them you'll either need to sign up again or resubscribe.

Note: Each email from us will start with [Medspa MD] so you can easily find them in your inbox.


Connect with a professional clinical network

Successful medical practices aren't built solo — They're created by talented, hard-working clinicians and teams coming together. That's why networking is more important than ever, regardless of your location or where you've started out. 


Learn new skills (or train your team) 

You have immediate access to a core library of education on a number of aspects of cosmetic medicine — patient marketing, clinical training, productivity, promotion and business.. the list goes on and on, and it's constantly growing. 


Get the products and services you need

Savvy clinicians don't go it alone, and they don't reinvent the wheel. They use the wheels that are already working and have proven successful. Our Select Partners and advertisers treat our Members with white-glove customer service and support in addition to killer pricing, and our classifieds area is built around transparent pricing and ease of use. 



Medspa MD has built a great community. You don't have to be an expert to comment or ask a question. In fact, it's often questions that bring out the best from the experts. This site is monitored to prevent spam and flaming. We're very friendly to newcomers who spell-check.

Here are some do's and don'ts when commenting or posting questions:

  • Make it very specific: Don't ask "what IPL should I buy?" Questions like that aren't worth the answers they generate and let everyone know that you haven't even read this post.
  • Identify yourself in some way: Anonymous comments are not very credible. If you don't want to be completely identified, at least give some idea of your background or expertise.
  • Do not leave comment spam: "Great post!" and a link to your site will get you flagged, deleted, reported and blocked. Please only leave real comments.
  • Don't spam or flame others. Your comments will be deleted and your IP address blocked.
  • Don't post in all-caps, run spell-check, and show a little respect for the people who you're asking to respond. You'll receive helpful advice from people who really know what they're doing. When your asking for someone to take the time to share information with you, it's the least you can do.
  • Don't to anything that would conflict with our terms and conditions.


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