The Medical Fusion Conference Joins Medical Spa MD As Select Partner

Medical Fusion Conference joins Medical Spa MD as its newest select partner.

Medical Spa MD is proud to announce the latest inclusion to its list of Select Partners—the Medical Fusion Conference. The said conference, which is set to happen on November 5-7, was conceptualized to provide physicians ideas and information on how they could have additional sources of income on top of their regular clinical practice.

Most often than not, people think that when you’re a physician, you can only practice and be known in that field for the rest of your life. The truth is, you don’t need to confine yourself in your medical profession and in your clinic and not explore the world of wonderful possibilities when it comes to professional advancement. You can actually engage in other career and still perform your duty as a physician. Whether you want to be an author, consultant, film maker, entrepreneur, marketing expert, you have all the freedom to choose the career path you want and enjoy life. This is actually the primary goal of the Medical Fusion Conference, to teach medical professionals how to leverage their medical training and expand their careers.

Not like the usual big conferences or exhibits which normally showcase marketing and advertising floor shows being paid by vendors, the Medical Fusion Conference will provide the participants essential information and skills they need in order to succeed in their chosen profession, and at the same time, enjoy life doing the things they want and earn really good from them.  The highlight of this event is the coming together of some of the physician leaders who are certified true experts in their fields who will share and discuss with the participants their career breakthroughs and how they developed unique niche areas to advance their careers.

The Medical Fusion Conference also features two ‘meet the faculty’ sessions which allow sit down time between the participants and the Medical Fusion speakers. It is going to be an intimate conference where everyone will have access to every speaker to ask them further information that they need. Topics such as concierge medicine, telemedicine, entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, medical tourism, and internet marketing will be covered in the conference.
The confirmed faculty for the Medical Fusion Conference include:

  • Gregory Bledsoe, MD, MPH, CEO of ExpedMed and Chief Editor of the textbook Expedition & Wilderness Medicine.

  • Natalie Hodge, MD, Co-Founder & Chief Health Officer of Personal Medicine.

  • Elliot Justin, MD, Founder of telemedicine group SwiftMD and CEO of Pegasus Emergency Group. 

  • John LaPuma, MD, New York Times best-selling author and founder of ChefMD.

  • Steven Knope, MD, New York Times best-selling author of Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare.

  • Setu Mazumdar, MD, Founder and President, Lotus Wealth Solutions.  

  • Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, Professor of Otolarynogology, Dentistry, & Engineering, University of Colorado and Founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs.

  • Steven Peskin, MD, MBA, Executive VP and CMO of MediMedia.

  • Jeffrey Segal, MD, JD,  Founder and CEO of Medical Justice.

  • Gary Taff, MD, entrepreneur and real estate investor

  • Mike Woo-Ming, MD, MPH, entrepreneur and internet marketing consultant.

Participants of the event will get to have 20 free hours of Category I CME credit through the Expedition and Wilderness Medicine online course of the Medical Fusion Conference and 1 month of full service outsource business search engine optimization from Frontdesk SEO. Conference fee is $799 for physicians, and $649 for non-physicians.
For more information about the conference or to register, you can call the numbers 866-925-7929, 866-924-7929, and 503-635-4761, or visit

Medical Spa MD Announces Sciton Group Buy Program

Medical Spa MD accepts Sciton as a Select Partner

PALO ALTO, Calif. — July 2, 2010 — Sciton, a leading manufacturer of high-quality laser and light systems in the aesthetic medical market, has chose Medical Spa MD, an online community of physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine, to launch it's Sciton BBLs Group Buy Program.

"We're really excited about becoming a Select Partner of Medical Spa MD," says Doug Carrow, Director of Sales Development for Sciton. "We'd like to thank the Medical Spa MD team, and all of the Member for allowing Sciton to be a part of the community."

Sciton's Group Buy Program allows Medical Spa MD Members to save $15K on a new Sciton BBLs.

For a limited time after June 3rd 2010, the first 5 Medical Spa MD Members to sign up and place a $5,000 deposit (goes towards the cost of the laser) will have the opportunity to purchase a new Sciton BBLs directly from Sciton for only $57,600 plus shipping and taxes!

There is no risk to try out the system. After the new Scition BBLs is delivered, buyers will have 30 days to decide if they want to keep it. They'll receive full clinical training and support from Scition during this period. If a buyer wishes to return the BBLs within 30 days from the date of installation, the full purchase price will be refunded (less the $5,000 deposit for clinical training)


Sciton provides best-in-class laser and light source solutions for medical professionals who want superior durability, performance and value. Sciton offers superior medical devices for fractional and full-field skin resurfacing, superficial and deep skin peeling, hair removal, phototherapy, wrinkle reduction, laser-assisted lipolysis, scar reduction, acne treatment, varicose veins, and treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. 

Medical Spa MD Sciton Links

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Frontdesk SEO Offers Medical Spa MD Members Cutting Edge Website SEO Software

Frontdesk's Next Generation Website SEO Software

Salt Lake City, UT  June 28, 2010 - Medical Spa MD is excited to announce their latest Select Partner, Frontdesk SEO, a leading website SEO software platform that's now available to Medical Spa MD Members.

Internet marketing leaders with decades of combined industry experience founded Frontdesk SEO.  They believe in the idea that Internet marketing, specifically search engine optimization, can be simplified and broken down into individual action items that any business owner can do for themselves given the appropriate guidance.  They have used their expertise to develop a technology platform to accomplish better search engine visibility for clients that utilize the Frontdesk SEO software. The software tells them what to do, when to do it, and why we do certain actions and show results through marketing reports. This will allow clients to gain more traffic as a result of better ranking online.

Laurie Peterson, Partnership Director of Medical Spa MD notes, “More than 82% of people looking to buy locally use a search engine first.  We wanted to bring this latest technology to our members to help them build their businesses.”  Peterson also says, “We looked at a lot of different SEO software and we believe we have picked the best one available.  It’s affordable, easy-to-use and most importantly, it works.  Frontdesk clients have 2 options.  They can choose the do-it-yourself option, or for those who want a more comprehensive option including social media, press releases and a do-it for-me SEO. There is a full-service package also available.”

Frontdesk is so easy that anyone can use it. Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy-to-use, Frontdesk work-flows are broken down into step-by-step processes that give anyone the ability to perform at an expert level. In fact, Frontdesk was designed specifically for use by 'non technical' staff like receptionists and front desk staff to perform search engine marketing.

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Medical Spa MD Announces New Select Partner: Shine Teeth Whitening

Medical Spa MD Announces Exciting New Partnership with Shine Teeth Whitening

Salt Lake City, February 1, 2010 Medical Spa MD is excited to announce ShineTeeth Whitening as their newest Select Partner.

As a Medical Spa MDSelect Partner, Shine Teeth Whitening gives every aesthetic practice a wayto participate in revenue and profit of the burgeoning $300M teeth whitening industry with no training and no equipment required. Shine is an outsourced lab that provides custom teeth whitening kits and professional strengthwhitening products. The Shine team is trained by a certified dentist tocreate custom fit pliable whitening trays, which are the most comfortable and effective means of consistent and lasting teeth whitening. Shine provides these custom fit trays in conjunction with professional strength 22% carbamide peroxide gel for maximum impact.

About Medical Spa MD

Medical Spa MD is an online community of over 5,000 plastic surgeons,cosmetic dermatologists aesthetic physicians, laser clinics, and med spas.The development of non-surgical medical technologies has resulted in a boom in the number of locations offering non-surgical cosmetic medicaltreatments. Medical Spa MD is a resource for physicians and med spaprofessionals who are interested in new cosmetic and anti-aging medical technologies and business development. Medical providers and business professionals interested in understanding non-surgical cosmetic medicine and the business surrounding it use Medical Spa MDs resources, forums, and blogsto make better business decisions and grow their practice.

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Joining Medical Spa MD is free and comes with many fabulous benefits.Physicians can be part of avirtual group of colleagues without everleaving their office. As a member, you will find an active and vibrantcommunity of professionals, useful articles and information, insider downloads and special reports, and exclusive offers from select partners.

You will also have access to the Medical Spa MD member blog and physician-to-physician forums where you can communicate directly with your colleagues, asking questions, learning tips and discussing issues.

Medical Spa MD launches Freelance MD: A Plastic Surgery Advertising & Medical Spa Marketing Portal

Freelance MD has launched a new medical spa marketing and advertising portal for medspas, laser clinics, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic dermatologists to gain high-quality creative and design with SEO, SEM, direct mail (postcards), website design and more. Freelance MD is part of Medical Spa MD, as community of more than 4,000 physicians practicing cosmetic medicine world-wide.

medispa clinic Our community of more that 4,000 physicians running medical spas and laser clinics utilize this resource for marketing, advertising and SEO. medspa quote

November 29, 2009 -- Freelance MD has launched a new medical spa marketing and advertising portal for medspas, laser clinics, plastic surgeons, and cosmetic dermatologists to gain high-quality creative and design with medical spa SEO, SEM, direct mail (postcards), website design and more. Freelance MD is part of Medical Spa MD, as community of more than 4,000 physicians practicing cosmetic medicine world-wide.

For the first time a medical spa, cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon has a single resource that's dedicated exclusively to cosmetic medical marketing and advertising, and backed by a large community of physicians across the world.

Founded as the marketing and advertising arm of Medical Spa MD, Freelance MD offers only a few specific and highly targeted offerings, from direct mail campaigns with postcards, to SEM + SEO offerings, to print design and production.

Freelance MD is guided a large group of physicians that utilize it's services and allow members to see what's working, and what's not, giving them the best ROI in the medical spa market.

About Freelance MD
Founded as a the medical spa marketing portal of Medical Spa MD, Freelance MD offers Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Physicians the ability to pool resources and receive discounted services form marketers and advertisers.

About Medical Spa MD
Medical Spa MD is an active community of Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Aesthetic Physicians, laser clinics, skin clinics and med spas with more than 4,000 physician members worldwide.