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Connect your product or service with thousands of physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine.

Our Select Partners Program connects your business, product, or service with our members; plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, concierge practices, skin clinics, laser centers, and other professionals involved in nonsurgical cosmetic medicine. 

We're looking for quality businesses who have high-value offerings and deliver exceptional service to take advantage of our Select Partner program. Apply now or read more about our Select Partner program below.


Medical Spa MD Select Partners

Medical Sp MD a trusted go-to informational resource for clinicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine.

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Why become a Medical Spa MD Select Partner?


Visibility + Reach


Increase your visibility with the perfect target audience.
You don't need an unlimited marketing spend to get in front of your target audience. What it does take is a fantastic product or service and white-glove customer support that we can stand behind.  As a Select Partner you'll have a dedicated page for your offer, a classified ads account, guest posting or author account, email sponsorship, and ad placement.


Build personal relationships with our members.
Successful companies build relationships first. This program lets you build those relationships by providing value to our members, from sponsoring an email or free report, to guest posting or commenting in the forums. You'll have the tools to become know and trusted members of the community and a valued resource.

Offer Value

The Entire Community Works For You
You'll benefit as part of a growing community that is constantly attracting new clinicians who are looking to buy from  trusted vendors with excellent reputations. 


For Many Partners The Program Is Completely Free
We run the Select Partner program entirely for the benefit of our Members. In some cases it's completely free.*

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Deep Integration Into The Entire Community
Partners are able to be found everywhere on the site; in content on the blog, the sidebar, dedicated pages, products + services, classified ads and even reports, guides and webinars.



What types of businesses can be in the program?

Any business that sells to our target market - physicians practicing nonsurgical cosmetic medicine worldwide - that agrees to abide by our terms, and that provides compelling value and service.

If you meet those criteria we'll take a hard look at you and your offer to see if we think we want to work with you and you're going to be good to the community and our reputation.

That's pretty much it. If we have reservations for any reason we'll probably not be working together.  : |

What's required to be in the program?

  • Amazing Products & Services our Members want and need: 
    To be included as a Select Partner, there has to be real value and be needed by our members.
  • Exclusive Member Offers: All Select Partners are required offer some type of exclusivity or special offer to our members to be included as a partner. In most cases this involves a significant price reduction but it may also include service packages, training, consultations or other considerations that add value for our members.
  • Incredible Service: Select Partners must provide exceptional customer service to our members. If we get complaints, we part ways.
  • Transparency: Members expect and receive offers that are transparent and make sense. That means that there's no hidden add-ons or sneaky upsell after the purchase. It's clear, clean, and transparent to everyone.

What does it cost to be a Select Partner? 

In some cases, nothing at all.

Each Partner has different needs and goals. Depending upon the scale and value we're delivering there may be some costs, but if you're willing to bring some time, energy and resources that help the community, it may be entirely free. Each case is different and we try to evaluate the entire benefit to the community.

(One of the reasons that we like this setup is that either of us can end our relationship at any time. That keeps both parties on their toes since no one wants to screw up a good thing.)

Some examples of ways that you can benefit the community:

  • Become a committed writer producing high quality content.
  • Engaging in the forums and answering questions.
  • Producing reports,guides, free products or webinars.
  • Co-marketing and/or bringing in new members.



What's the difference between Select Partner and Advertiser?

Advertising on the site is most often simply putting up a banner ad. You can purchase one at the bottom of the page.

The partner program is very, very different. Partners are much more involved and may be producing content and engaging directly with the community, and the community is engaging back with them. It's much more relationship based and either side of a transaction can complain to us... and we don't like getting complaints.

We've found that this kind of relationship (marketing) works extremely well.

For buyers, they feel like they're not alone, that they can have some trust in the vendor, and that the vendor will work hard to make and keep them happy since they can complain to us or the community at large.

For sellers, they have access to a large target market who is more likely to buy from them, and they can build and control the relationship more.


    Can I see a couple examples of what I might do?

    Sure. Here are some examples of clever relationship marketing. 

    • Laser re-seller puts their entire inventory of pre-owned lasers and IPLs in the classifieds. 
    • Video marketing company produces a webinar for members to teach them about marketing in the waiting room.
    • Medical conference promotes upcoming events in weekly emails to members.
      Legal firm writes a series of posts on protecting your license.
    • Advertising firm builds relationships by answering questions in the business forums
    • Laser company offers special group buy price to members as a one time offer only if enough member commit to purchase.
    • Telemedicine company waves fees for cosmetic surgeons.

    You get the idea. If you're a partner in good standing and we can help you put together a program that benefits our members, we're only too happy to help.

    Am I allowed to spam the forums or posts?

    No. If you do, we'll end our relationship.

    Do I get access to your email list? 


    Still have questions?

    Fill out the application at the top of the page and we'll see if we can't work through them. If you're not willing to do that, then well, hey...