Marketing Strategies to Retain in 2017

Here's where you might look to focus your marketing and advertising efforts from the experts at

Like with any other retail, direct-to-consumer business, cosmetic medical practices need to be exposed in the digital world as there is a shift with marketing online. After all, 90%+ of your potential patients will start their search for a provider solution online, even if you're local and well known.

So, what do you do?

The first step is understanding that you have two different types of marketing; farming and hunting.

Hunting-marketing is what you're doing when you're buying advertising. It can work, but once your ad run is over, you're pretty much done.

Farming-marketing is somewhat different. Farming demands some work up front, but there are benefits that accrue long after that work is completed. Things like SEO, patient referral programs, customer service, front desk videos and other areas touch more of farming than of hunting. The main difference with farming is that you often own the distribution platform rather than just renting someone elses expensive space. The challenge with farming is that it's often not a quick-win but performs more like compounding interest.

There's need and a place for both.

Social media is [STILL] one of the best areas to get in front of potential patients

Social media is going nowhere. Almost everyone is hooked on their phones, stuck on their social media accounts finding something new or posting updates. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and among others can be used as an avenue to get new patients. With the right hashtag and relevant content, you can access new patients. Make sure that your content is new and up-to-date with the current technologies and procedures available to patients.

As for your present pool of patients, you can always show them your newest procedures or convince them you are still their go-to physician. New technologies and procedures are created and developed every year, and you could show your patients that you offer those that would help you in your practice. Not only that, people would see you as an expert of new methods in cosmetic medicine and you are constantly learning to improve your practice.

The goal here is to add value so that you're not muted. If the only thing you ever do is hard-sell your services or blather on about how great you are, well, you're stuck in first gear. Get your head out of your ass and figure out how you can serve your patients by teaching them something that they didn't already know, and that they value in some way.

It's not about you. It's always about the buyer.

Keep your website updated

This is crucial with any business since search and your rankings are critical to the top of your marketing funnel. If you keep your site the way it went live the first time a few years ago, it may not look good, and the search engines can see the tumbleweeds blowing across the page. (They don't like that.)

Internet users want to look at a modernized site that has a quick loading time and is easy to use and navigate... AND it's critical that it works on mobile devices, especially phones. Do not forget to update not only the look of your site, but also the information housed in the website. You do not want an old telephone number or a defunct email address on your CONTACT US page that may cost you your new patients.

Update your site regularly... meaning that you should have some content that changes every week or so (which is why blogging is so effective).

Positive reviews

This is the lifeblood of every doctor. Reviews help new patients discern if the physician would be the right fit for them. Teresa Iafolla of eVisit says that you may need to urge and encourage your patients to write reviews about you, your clinic, your staff, the procedure and anything else. Put them up on your website or broadcast it over your social media accounts, chances are patients will find them.

Beware of posting fake reviews or 'buying' reviews online. If you get caught the search penalties can be pretty severe.

These are simple tips that you may have to apply on your website or social media accounts to build your online presence further. You don’t even have to pay for these strategies either. While these are simple, it could go a long way. Do not forget these tips and it may help boost your revenue and sales.

If you have any questons, visit us at and fire off a question. We've been growing cosmetic medicial clincs and medspas for more than a decade and will be hapy to help.