The New Member Forums: Cosmetic Lasers, Legal, Marketing + More

The new Medical Spa MD Member Forums are now open.

The old forums were becoming difficult to navigate to the information you might have been looking for. We've simplified them and put them entirely in their own section.

Now, there's one link in the main header above that says "Member Forums" instead of a drop down. That link takes you over to the forums and we've simplified the navigation there as well, removing all of the links above and replacing them with the various categories; clinical exchange, legal, marketing, and cosmetic lasers, IPL, and RF technologies.

There are something like 30,000+ comments. This should make it much easier to use the forums again to find answers and express opinions that both you and others can learn from.

As always:

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  • You can identify yourself or remain anonymous
  • We regularly (daily) sweep the forums for spam and remove junk links and threads

The forums are an incredibly resource if you use them correctly. For example; ask very specific questions, not general "what should I do" fluff that no one could possibly answer. There are some threads that have more than 400 responses, and others that clinics use to deep-dive into very specific questions.

Take a look and ask your most pressing question. There are thousands of readers and members who just may have the answer to your question.

Take a second and ask the experts.