Free Guide: 10 Critical Questions To Answer Before Buying Used Lasers


We've added a new area to the site to provide Members free reports, information, and resources.

We have a lot of information that needs a better delivery method than a blog post; information that is best delivered as a guide, playbook, blueprint or system that you can download and read, share, or keep around for reference.

For example; 10 Critical Questions To Answer Before Buying A Used Medical Laser by Vin Wells, a Medical Spa MD Author and owner of Rock Bottom Lasers.

Buying used technology can be smart and save you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the massive depreciation that’s triggered when the first pulse is fired. It can make the difference between profit and loss.

But it can also be confusing, distracting, and problematic dealing with sellers, brokers and even manufacturers who have an agenda that may not be in your best interest. 

This guide is designed to walk you through the morass of information and help you make more informed, smarter, decisions about how to take advantage of used technology to help your clinic, your patients, and your profits. It will walk you through the logical, common sense steps to identify ethical sellers and to ensure that you’re not being taken advantage of.

This report is just one of the ways that we're expanding resources and information to benefit our Members.

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